As of 2020 Flow Simple is now
Fide Marketing

As of 2020 Flow Simple is now Fide Marketing

We’ve changed our name and branding to reflect our company better. While the name has changed, our service model remains the same.


I started Flow Simple in 2010 to help business owners use the web for productivity, day to day living and most importantly, market their business online. The name Flow Simple emerged in 2005, when tools like Freshbooks, Google Docs (formerly Writely), Mailchimp were game changing. Business​ flows ​when technology is​ simple ​was my motto. When I help business owners adapt to the new online tools it created efficiencies and room for new opportunities.

While these tools became easier, online marketing evolved and became more complex. When there were many churn and burn SEO marketing firms, we took a different approach: focusing on personal service, paid search & social, local reputation, and easy to use websites. The tactics may have changed, but our approach to marketing has stayed true. It’s this steadfastness and consistent performance that has helped us, and our clients thrive over a decades. Some of clients that we started with in 2010 are still with us which is a testament to our service.

Fide Marketing​ is a reflection of our true latent personality that has always been there. The border collie - hard working, smart and loyal is what we wish to embody in our service for our clients.

With sincere regards, Pashmina Lalchandani

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