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Build Your Website on WordPress Benefits


18. November 2010


This isn’t a new question, and there are plenty of resources on the benefits of WordPress as a CMS, but I get this all the time from my clients. So I thought I’d put together my own thoughts on it.

7 Benefits of Using WordPress as a CMS

  1. Climb the search result rankings. Google loves WordPress code. It has clean code made for good optimization, and plugins make this even better.
  2. It’s easy to use. Easily add or edit your own content any time you want. It’s easy and simple to use. If you can use Word, you can use WordPress.
  3. Adding or building new features is a snap. WordPress is infinitely customizable. You can add features, try new ideas, new pages in hours instead of weeks. WordPress has an arsenal of plugins made by enthusiastic WordPress developers that help extend your website.
  4. Social media and sharing compatible. Other outlets like Twitter, Youtube and Facebook can be fully and easily integrated with WordPress. Take advantage of more traffic and more visibility. Allow your audience to share your content with 1-click like I have here.
  5. Integrate with other systems. Thinking about adding a store, or an online payment system? How about an email newsletter or online scheduler? WordPress is flexible enough to integrate these types of services and much more.
  6. Encourage interaction from your base. WordPress has options to allow your visitors to leave comments, and add their own voice easily. This interaction not only makes your website more popular among search engines, it gives visitors a reason to come back and visit.
  7. Constantly evolving. WordPress is a web-based open source software that has been developing and evolving for over 7 years. Hundreds of developers, and millions of supporters make the software better and better with each new release.